Welcome to Strange Love

Our clothing combines the harsh elements of our african urban environment with the delicate process of design. the result: – avant-hard. our approach to clothing is inspired by a psychological approach to people: the way they think and the way they feel about themselves, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their needs in an urban context.

Strangelove is involved in far more than mere fashion. we prefer to think of ourselves as artists, using the wearable format of clothes as our medium. we are extensively involved in theatre, dance and other creative fields that stretch the realm of clothing design to an intensely creative space. the left-of-centre appeal of our range has its roots in this attachment we have to the fascinating world of the arts.

Aside from our involvement with this element of fashion, we provide clothing for individuals looking for an authentic, original means of expression with their clothes. our line is exclusively available through our store. our work is epitomised by our focus on cut, fit and detailing with a preference for expert tailoring. wear it.